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APID stands for Academic Profile ID. It is an innovative academic network for researchers, scholars, academicians, and students. This platform helps you establish an academic profile, network with peers, collaborate, and share research results broadly. APID allows researchers, scholars, academicians, faculties, and students to showcase their contributions to the research community and broadcast their ideas to others.
Continually updating articles, research, and scholarly achievements, reviewing articles, and updating comments with a global perspective strengthens academic relationships read more...
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Why Join APID?

APID is a One-stop Academic portfolio.

  • APID  is a platform that includes people from various professional backgrounds, such as authors, Ph. D. scholars, reviewers, editors, students, professors, and so on. APID members can use APID  to tap into a network of professionals and groups within and beyond their industry.
  • It helps you share your work with colleagues or peer groups.
  • You can use the Academic Profile ID (APID) for online profile preview as identification hyperlinks.

Grow your Network

  • It helps you display, explain and share all your publications, rewards, and achievements in one place once you register in the APID.
  • It allows you to share your work with colleagues or peer groups.
  • APID helps in trust buildup, endorsements, and building a reputation that Inspires your research Globally
  • APID improves Quality Assurance to connect and expand your networks which leads to getting noticed and increases the citations globally.

Keep Record of your Achievements

  • You can keep track of all your publications, rewards, and achievements once you register on APID.

  • Read, rate, recommend and comment on publications from colleagues. Give credit for high-quality work by recommending publications and endorsing your peers.

  • You can use the Academic Profile ID (APID) for online profile preview as identification hyperlinks.

  • Keep your profile private and have more control over what others can see on your profile.

Refer Colleagues and Improve Citations

  • Refer your colleagues and improve citations in your publications.

  • View your article citations and download the history.

  • View the latest articles, and specialization areas along with your area of interest.

Save the profile as a PDF

  • If you already have your resume ready and saved, you can easily share updated information offline with millions of people and boost your career.
  • If you change your mind about some changes or lose content due to an unintended deletion, a soft copy would be a lifesaver.
  • Whether you are working through a profile makeover on your own or working with a coach, it would be helpful to have a "before" and "after" picture that you can compare.
  • Please note that the templates you find when saving as PDFs are the same as the ones you see online when you view your profile. The resume template has remained virtually identical in both versions based on the data a resume requires.
  • It's actually free. There are no gimmicks and no freemium features. For you to establish a wide network and connections, it is important that your resume highlights your most valuable attributes.

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