Why Signing In is imperative?

A question may arise “Why are researchers asked to sign in to their APID account when they make a connection?” or “Why can’t users just copy and paste their other ID or resume into a system?” The reason why signing in is so imperative. The first benefit is that researchers have control over their accounts once they sign in - it helps them remain in control of their personal information. The second benefit is that, once a researcher has signed in, they can see the connections they have made to their APID more easily. Let's begin by examining what information a connection contains.

A common connection is a link between an author and a journal article. The author is identified with their APID, and the article is identified with a DOI. An author can choose to add their APID when they sign into their APID account to make the connection. Journals can be granted permission to add information to their APID records, and they can be granted permission to update their records if information regarding the publication changes. This connection can be viewed by anyone who looks at it and can see how the connection was made. Without signing in, there is no information collected. If there is no derived information, there is no way of knowing if you can trust the connection between the researcher (the ID) and her/his work (the DOI). It may contain errors, or it may not belong to the author. In addition to managing what is connected to their ID, researchers also decide how to share their information.

The researchers need to be able to trust us to protect their information and to make it easy for them to control their records. Organizations should be able to trust the IDs they use and the information they're connecting to an APID record. As a result, everyone can trust this information. The trust starts building up once a researcher signs in. It shows which connections have been made. It means that the ID itself has been passed directly from one computer to another so there are no typos or mistakes. Users can only authenticate their accounts using the correct username and password for their IDs. To be able to determine if information about an article was published by the journal that published it or if information about someone's employment came from their employer is helpful for everyone. We all have a responsibility to help make sure that the information we share is accurate, and that it is shared in a way that is useful to the community.

We at APID ensure data privacy and protection and are always eager to help our members, and the worldwide researchers who have registered for an ID, to keep control of their information. Signing In and Verification is one of the best ways to deliver that control to the researchers and global audience.