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APID stands for Academic Profile ID. It is an innovative academic network for researchers, scholars, academicians, and students. This platform helps you establish an academic profile, network with peers, collaborate, and share research results broadly. APID allows researchers, scholars, academicians, faculties, and students to showcase their contributions to the research community and broadcast their ideas to others.

Continually updating articles, research, and scholarly achievements, reviewing articles, and updating comments with a global perspective strengthens academic relationships read more...

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Why Join APID?

APID is a One-stop Academic portfolio.

You can use the Academic Profile ID (APID) for online profile preview as identification hyperlinks.

APID is a One-stop Academic portfolio.

APID helps in trust buildup, endorsements, and building a reputation that Inspires your research Globally

Keep Record of your Achievements

You can use the Academic Profile ID (APID) for online profile preview as identification hyperlinks.

Refer Colleagues and Improve Citations

View the latest articles, and specialization areas along with your area of interest.

Simplification of authorship

Academic Profile IDs help to simplify the process of identifying authorship in academic publications. 

Promotion of collaboration

Academic Profile IDs promote collaboration among researchers by making it easier to find and connect with others in the same field.

Integration with other systems

Academic Profile IDs are integrated with other academic systems, such as publication databases, funding agencies, and academic institutions. This allows researchers to easily share and track their work across multiple platforms.

Transparent tracking of scholarly impact

Academic Profile IDs allow for transparent tracking of a researcher's scholarly impact. This includes metrics such as citation counts, h-index, and other measures of research impact.

Protection of researcher identity

Academic Profile IDs help to protect the identity of researchers by providing a standardized way to identify them. This can help to prevent cases of mistaken identity or plagiarism and can improve the integrity of scholarly communication.

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