How to register on APID?

Learn about how you can register on APID and create your profile.

You can also join us as an Author, Editor, and Reviewer respectively.

1. Go to Home Page

Please visit the APID home page and click on register or login buttons in order to go into your profile.


2. Register on APID 

You can register on APID and create your profile which includes all your research & achievements.

Steps for registering to APID

  • Step 1: Enter your full name
  • Step 2: Enter your contact number
  • Step 3: Select your country
  • Step 4: Enter your official email id
  • Step 5: Choose a strong password on your own (The password needs to be alphanumeric including one upper case, one lower case, and one special character).
  • Steps 6: Click on  Agree & Join and you will be registered on APID.

3. Edit your Profile

Once registered, You will be on the My Profile page of APID where you need to edit your profile and update all the required information.

  • Name : Enter your name followed by the prefix (Mr, Ms, Prof,etc)
  • Profile Picture: You can add your photograph as a profile picture
  • Email : Enter your official email id
  • Contact number : Enter your contact number
  • Gender : Choose your gender
  • Homepage URL : Enter your homepage url 
  • Platform: You can choose your platform

  • Job Type: You can choose your job type
  • Current Institution: Enter your current institute name
  • Current Institution Website URL: Enter your current institution's website URL.
  • Country: Enter your institute country name
  • State: Enter your institute state name
  • City: Enter your institute city name
  • Upload Your Current Institution Logo: Add your current institution logo
  • Expertise: Enter your expertise
  • Area of Interest: Enter your area of interest

After edit your profile by clicking update all button you will see pop-up where you can update your details.

  • Update Basic Profile

  • Biography

  • Honors and Awards

  • Career Timeline

  • Conference Details

  • Contributions

Update Basic Profile

You can update the changes in your basic profile.

4. Find the Suitable Journal

Find the best suitable Journals according to the expertise you wish to contribute in. 

5. Join Us

Once you've completed your profile, youc an choose if you wish to join us as an editor, author or reviewer.