October 6

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MRA by CELNet on 16/01/2020

Manager by CELNet on 01/11/2021

Manager by STM Journals on 31/10/2022
A marketing manager is responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns. They work with a team of marketing specialists to develop strategies that promote a company’s products or services. They also track trends and analyze data to identify new opportunities for marketing campaigns.

Best Team Coordination Award in 2011 by Jaipuria Institute of Management on

Excellence In chemistry by NOLEGEIN on 01/12/2022

Best presentator by IMS on 11/09/2018
Debate Competition- Genesis 2018, College Event

Science Quiz competition (1st Prize) by Kanya Inter College on 10/02/2012
In the Occasion of National Science Day our college was organized an competition where I was performed very well and i got the first prize of that competition

Running Competition (1st Prize) by Kanya Inter College on 25/10/2012

Certificate of Honor by STM Journals on 30/06/2022
Open Access

Publication award by Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University on 09/12/2022

Engineering, Science and Medicine by University of Dschang on 01/12/2021

Best Young Faculty Award by Sidra Bahuudeshiya Vikas Sanstha (Govt. Registered Society & ISO 9001-2015 Certified) on 06 July’2020, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. on 06/07/2020

Certificate award by International conference on emerging material and nanotechnology (The london bio science and innovation centre, London, International institute of Medicine and science, USA, University of Bayblon, Iraq ) , International congress in life science, social and physical science, International congress on life science, social science and Health science, International congress on life science, physical science and health science, International journal of electrical machines and derives, International journal of chemical science and reactions, Jimma University, etc. on 26/01/2020


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