How to Join Us-Upgrade Role?

Once registered on APID, the user is defined as an Author by default, however if the user wish to contribute in any journal on various other roles such a Chief editor, section editor, guest editor, reviewer etc he/she needs to send an approval to us by filling a form. Learn about how you can join us as an Author, Editor, and Reviewer respectively.

1. Register on APID 

You can register on APID and create your profile which includes all your research & achievements.

For the steps to register on APID 


2. Find the Suitable Journal

Find the best suitable Journals according to the expertise you wish to contribute in. 

3. Contribution Page

Once you're logged in, you will get onto the Overview page where you can complete your profile.

On the Overview page, in My academic records dropdown choose contributions , the page will open.

Steps for filling the form

  • Contribution in: Select the initiative you wish to contribute in. (such as Journals, Books, conferences)
  • Subject: Choose the subject according to your area of expertise.
  • Journal: Choose the journal you wish to contribute in.
  • Role: Once you register yourself, you join us as an author by default, here you can choose your role (such as Editor, Author, Guest Editor, Section Editor, Reviewer)
  • Journal Image:  You can add journal image.
  • Reviewed Manuscript Title: You can add reviewed manuscript title.
  • Website URL: Add your website url.

4. Check Eligibility

On contribution page, before proceeding to fill out the form, you can check the related eligibility criteria and further information based on different roles. Once you're logged in, you will get onto the Overview page where you can complete your profile.

Also, you can check further informations for:

5. Become an Editor

Once you filled out and submitted the contribution form, you will receive an acceptance to become an editor for the publisher.

6. Topic Proposal

Once received an approval as an editor, you become eligible to propose special issue topics.

For the steps to register on APID