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SubjectJournal NameAbbriviationCurrent Status
AgricultureResearch & Reviews : Journal of Agricultural Science and TechnologyrrjoastActive
AgricultureResearch & Reviews Journal of Food Science & TechnologyRRJOFSTActive
AgricultureResearch & Reviews Journal of Crop science and TechnologyRRJOCSTActive
AgricultureInternational Journal of PlantBiotechnologyIJPBActive
AgricultureInternational Journal of Trends in HorticultureIJTHCActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Structural Mechanics and finite elementsIJSMFEActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Machine Design and ManufacturingIJMDMActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & AnalysisIJMDAActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Fracture and Damage MechanicsIJFDMActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical BehaviourIJEMMBActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Electro-Mechanics and Material BehaviorIJEMBActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Mechanical Dynamics and Systems AnalysisIJMDSAActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Machine Systems and Manufacturing TechnologyIJMSMTActive
Applied MechanicsInternational Journal of Fracture Mechanics and Damage ScienceIJFMDSActive
Applied ScienceResearch & Reviews : Journal of StatisticsRRJSActive
Applied ScienceJournal of Advancements in Library Sciences.JOALSActive
Applied ScienceInternational Journal of Forest SciencesIJFSActive
Applied ScienceInternational Journal of AtmosphereIJATActive
Applied ScienceEmerging Trends in SymmetryETSYActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Architecture and Infrastructure PlanningijaipActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Rural and Regional Planning DevelopmentijrrdActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Landscape Planning and ArchitectureijlpaActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Environmental Planning and DevelopmentijepdaActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Town Planning and ManagementijtpmActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Urban DesignijuddActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Sustainable Building TechnologyijsbtActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Architectural HeritageijahActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Architectural Design and ManagementijadpActive
ArchitectureInternational Journal of Housing and Human Settlement PlanningijhhspActive
AyurvedaResearch & Reviews: A Journal of PharmacognosyrrjopcActive
AyurvedaResearch & Reviews : A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga & NaturopathyrrjoasynActive
AyurvedaResearch & Reviews : A Journal of Unani, Siddha and HomeopathyrrjoushActive
AyurvedaJournal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga,Unani ,Siddha and HomeopathyjoayushActive
AyurvedaResearch & Reviews : Journal of Herbal ScienceRRJOHSActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Cell Biology and Cellular ProcessesijcbcpActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Molecular BiotechnologyijmbActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Biochemistry and BiomoleculesijbbActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Computational Biology and BioinformaticsijcbbActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Genetic Engineering and RecombinationijogerActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Animal Biotechnology and ApplicationsijoabaActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Plant BiotechnologyijopbActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Industrial Biotechnology and BiomaterialsijoibbActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Genetic Modifications and RecombinationsIJGMRActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyIJBCBActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Biochemistry and Biomolecule ResearchIJBBRActive
BiotechnologyInternational Journal of Molecular Biotechnological ResearchIJMBRActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Polymer & CompositesjopcActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Modern Chemistry and Chemical TechnologyjomcctActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Materials & Metallurgical EngineeringjommeActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Petroleum Engineering & TechnologyjopetActive
Chemical EngineeringEmerging trends in Chemical EngineeringetceActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Catalyst & CatalysisjoccActive
Chemical EngineeringJournal of Thin Films, Coating Science Technology and ApplicationjotcstaActive
Chemical EngineeringInternational Journal of Chemical Separation TechnologyijcstActive
Chemical EngineeringInternational Journal of Chemical Engineering and ProcessingijocepActive
Chemical EngineeringInternational Journal of Renewable Energy and its CommercializationijrecActive
Chemical EngineeringInternational Journal of Prevention and Control of Industrial PollutionijpcipActive
Chemical EngineeringInternational Journal of Pollution: Prevention & ControlIJPPCActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Chemical and Molecular EngineeringijcmeActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Chem-informatics ResearchijcirActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Green ChemistryijgcActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Environmental ChemistryijecActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Agro-chemistryijaActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Analytical and Applied ChemistryijaacActive
ChemistryInternational journal of Thermodynamics and Chemical KineticsijtckActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of PhotochemistryijopcActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of Chemical Synthesis and Chemical ReactionsijcscrActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of PhotobiologyijpActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of CheminformaticsIJCIActive
ChemistryInternational Journal of MineralIJMIActive
CivilInternational Journal of Geological and Geotechnical EngineeringijggeActive
CivilInternational Journal of Concrete TechnologyijctActive
CivilInternational Journal of Structural Engineering and AnalysisijseaActive
CivilInternational Journal of Transportation Engineering and Traffic SystemijtetsActive
CivilInternational Journal of Construction Engineering and PlanningijcepActive
CivilInternational Journal of Water Resources EngineeringijwreActive
CivilJournal of Industrial Safety EngineeringjoiseActive
CivilTrends in Transport Engineering and Applications;tteaActive
CivilJournal of Geotechnical EngineeringjogeActive
CivilJournal of Structural Engineering and ManagementjosemActive
CivilJournal of Offshore Structure and TechnologyjoostActive
CivilJournal of Water Resource Engineering and ManagementjowremActive
CivilRecent Trends in Civil Engineering & TechnologyrtcetActive
CivilJournal of Construction Engineering, Technology & ManagementjocetmActive
Computer ScienceE – Commerce for Future & TrendsecftActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Algorithms Design and AnalysisijadaActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Data StructuresijdsActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal Distributed computing and TechnologyijdctActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Image Processing and Pattern RecognitionijipprActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Information Security and Software EngineeringijisseActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Mobile Computing DevicesijmcdActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Software Computing and TestingijsctActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Wireless Network SecurityijwnsActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Advanced Database Management & SystemsjoadmsActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Advancements in RoboticsjoarbActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Advances in Shell ProgrammingjoaspActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Artificial Intelligence Research & AdvancesjoairaActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Computer Technology & ApplicationsjoctaActive
Computer ScienceResearch & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & ApplicationsrrjoesaActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology TrendsjosetttActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition ProgressjoipprpActive
Computer ScienceCurrent Trends in Information TechnologyctitActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Web Engineering & TechnologyjowetActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile NetworksjomccmnActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Network SecurityjonsActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Instrumentation Technology & InnovationsjoitiActive
Computer ScienceRecent Trends in Parallel ComputingrtpcActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Communication Engineering & SystemsjocesActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Multimedia Technology & Recent AdvancementsjomtraActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Open Source DevelopmentsjoosdActive
Computer ScienceRecent Trends in Programming languagesrtplActive
Computer ScienceJournal of Operating Systems Development & TrendsjoosdtActive
Computer ScienceResearch & Reviews: Discrete Mathematical StructuresrrdmsActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Data Structure StudiesijdssActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Wireless Security & NetworksijwsnActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Algorithms Design and Analysis ReviewijadarActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Mobile Computing TechnologyijmctActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Computer Science LanguagesijcslActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Information Security EngineeringijiseActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Computer Science and Programming LanguageijcsplActive
Computer ScienceInternational Journal of Wireless Network Security.ijwnsActive
Education And Social SciencesInternational Journal of Education SciencesIJESActive
Education And Social SciencesRecent Trends in SportsRTSActive
Education And Social SciencesEmerging Trends in LanguagesETLActive
Education And Social SciencesInternational Journal of Climate ConditionsIJCCActive
Education And Social SciencesInternational Journal of Behavioral SciencesIJBSCActive
Education And Social SciencesInternational Journal of ChildrenIJCActive
Education And Social SciencesInternational Journal of Trends in HumanitiesIJTHActive
Education And Social SciencesRecent Trends in Social StudiesRTSSActive
Electrical EngineeringJournal of Control & InstrumentationjociActive
Electrical EngineeringJournal of Power Electronics & Power SystemsjopepsActive
Electrical EngineeringTrends in Electrical EngineeringteeActive
Electrical EngineeringJournal of VLSI Design Tools & TechnologyjovdttActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Machines & DrivesijoemdActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Analysis of Electrical MachinesijaemActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Power System and TechnologyijepstActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Microelectronics and Digital Integrated CircuitsijmdicActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Analog Integrated CircuitsijaicActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Power Electronics Controllers and ConvertersijpeccActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Communication EngineeringijeceActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Automatic Control SystemijacsActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Machines and DrivesIJEMDActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Advanced Control and System EngineeringIJACSEActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Machine Analysis and DesignIJEMADActive
Electrical EngineeringInternational Journal of Electrical Power and Machine SystemsIJEPMSActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Radio Frequency DesignijrfdActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of VLSI Design and TechnologyijvdtActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Digital ElectronicsijdeActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Digital Communication and Analog SignalsijdcasActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Microwave Engineering and TechnologyijmetActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Satellite Communication & Remote SensingijscrsActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Broadband Cellular CommunicationijbccActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Telecommunications & Emerging TechnologiesijtetActive
ElectronicsJournal of Electronic Design TechnologyjoedtActive
ElectronicsCurrent Trends in Signal ProcessingctspActive
ElectronicsTrends in Opto-electro & Optical CommunicationtoeocActive
ElectronicsJournal of Semiconductor Devices and CircuitsjosdcActive
ElectronicsJournal of Microelectronics and Solid State DevicesjomsdActive
ElectronicsRecent Trends in Electronics & Communication SystemsrtecsActive
ElectronicsJournal of Microcontroller Engineering and ApplicationsjomeaActive
ElectronicsJournal of Microwave Engineering & TechnologiesjometActive
ElectronicsJournal of Telecommunication, Switching Systems and NetworksjotssnActive
ElectronicsRecent Trends in Sensor Research & TechnologyrtsrtActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Satellite Remote SensingIJSRSActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of VLSI Circuit Design & TechnologyIJVCDTActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Radio Frequency InnovationsijrfiActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Embedded Systems and Emerging Technologies.ijesetActive
ElectronicsInternational Journal of Electronics AutomationijeaActive
EnergyJournal of Nuclear Engineering & TechnologyjonetActive
EnergyJournal of Alternate Energy Sources & TechnologiesjoaestActive
EnergyJournal of Energy, Environment & Carbon CreditsjoeeccActive
EnergyJournal of Thermal Engineering and ApplicationsjoteaActive
EnergyRecent Trends in Fluid MechanicsrtfmActive
LawJournal of Human Rights Law and PracticejhrlpActive
LawJournal of Intellectual Property Rights LawjiprlActive
LawJournal of Corporate Governance and International Business LawjcgiblActive
LawJournal of Banking and Insurance LawjbilActive
LawNational Journal of Real Estate LawsnjorelActive
LawNational Journal of Environmental lawnjelActive
LawJournal of Taxation and Regulatory FrameworkjtrfActive
LawJournal of Constitutional Law & JurisprudencejocljActive
LawJournal of Family and Adoption LawjfalActive
LawJournal of Law of Torts and Consumer Protection LawjltcplActive
LawNational Journal of Labour and Industrial LawnjlilActive
LawNational Journal of Cyber security LawnjcslActive
LawIndian Journal of Health and Medical LawsijhmlActive
LawJournal of Capital Market and Securities LawjcmslActive
LawNational Journal of Criminal LawnjclActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : Journal of BotanyrrjobActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : Journal of Computational BiologyrrjocbActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : Journal of EcologyrrjoeActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : A Journal of Life SciencesrrjolsActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews: A Journal of Microbiology & VirologyRRJOMVActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : A Journal of BiotechnologyRRJOBTActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : Journal of Dairy Science & TechnologyRRJODSTActive
LifesciencesResearch & Reviews : Journal of Veterinary Science and TechnologyRRJOVSTActive
LifesciencesInternational Journal of NutritionsIJNActive
LifesciencesInternational Journal of Virus StudiesIJVSActive
LifesciencesInternational Journal of FungiIJFActive
LifesciencesInternational Journal of Marine LifeIJMLActive
LifesciencesInternational Journal of InsectsIJIActive
LifesciencesEmerging Trends in MetabolitesETMActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Leadership and Strategic ManagementnjlsmActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Organizational Behavior ManagementnjobmActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Corporate & Business LawsnjcblActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Business Risk ManagementnjbrmActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Financial Planning and ManagementnjfpmActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Human Resource Management & DevelopmentnjhrmdActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Performance Management & Retention StrategiesnjpmrsActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Entrepreneurship Planning, Development and ManagementnjepdmActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Consumer Behavior & Market ResearchNJCBMRActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Advertising and Brand ManagementNJABMActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Operations Research & ManagementNJORMActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Business Ethics , Ethos & CSRwNJBEECActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Information Technology & ManagementNJITMActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Management Information SystemsNJMISActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Global MarketingNJGMActive
ManagementNOLEGEIN Journal of Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementNJSCLMActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Composite Materials and MatricesijcmmActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Polymer Science & EngineeringijpseActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Energetic MaterialsijemActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Metallurgy and AlloysijmaActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Ceramics and Ceramic TechnologyIJCCTActive
Material ScienceInternational Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing.IJMMPActive
Mechanical EngineeringTrends in Machine DesigntmdActive
Mechanical EngineeringJournal of Experimental & Applied MechanicsjoeamActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Industrial Engineering and DesignijiedActive
Mechanical EngineeringJournal of Automobile Engineering and ApplicationsjoaeaaActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Manufacturing and Materials ProcessingijmpeActive
Mechanical EngineeringJournal of Production Research and ManagementjoprmActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Pollution and Noise ControlijpncActive
Mechanical EngineeringJournal of Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Heating and ventilationjorachvActive
Mechanical EngineeringTrends in Mechanical Engineering & TechnologytmetActive
Mechanical EngineeringJournal of Mechatronics and AutomationjomaActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Thermal Energy and ApplicationsijteaActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Production EngineeringijpeActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Mechanical Handling and AutomationijmhaActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Computer Aided ManufacturingijcamActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of I.C. Engines and Gas TurbinesijicegtActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Mechanics and DesignijmdActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Robotics and AutomationijraActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Machine Design and ManufacturingijmdmActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Energy and Thermal ApplicationsIJETAActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Robotics and Automation in MechanicsIJRAMActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Environmental Noise and Pollution ControlIJENPCActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Advanced Robotics and Automation TechnologyIJARATActive
Mechanical EngineeringInternational Journal of Industrial and Product Design EngineeringIJIPDEActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: A Journal of ToxicologyrrjotActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: Journal of NeurosciencerrjonsActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: A Journal of ImmunologyrrjoiActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: Journal of Medical Science & TechnologyrrjomstActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: Journal of MedicinerrjomActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: A Journal of Health ProfessionsrrjohpActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews : Journal of SurgeryrrjosActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: A Journal of DentistryrrjodActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: Journal of Oncology and HematologyrrjoohActive
MedicalInternational Journal of MembranesIJMActive
MedicalRecent Trends in CosmeticsRTCActive
MedicalInternational Journal of Tropical MedicinesIJTMActive
MedicalInternational Journal of ToxicsIJTCActive
MedicalRecent Trends in Infectious DiseasesRTIDActive
MedicalEmerging Trends in Personalized MedicinesETPMActive
MedicalInternational Journal of Brain SciencesIJBSActive
MedicalInternational Journal of ToxinsIJTNActive
MedicalInternational Journal of VaccinesIJVActive
MedicalInternational Journal of PathogensIJPGActive
MedicalResearch & Reviews: A Journal of BioinformaticsRRJOBIActive
MedicalInternational Journal of AntibioticsIJABActive
MultidisciplinaryJournal of Aerospace Engineering & TechnologyjoaetActive
MultidisciplinaryJournal of Remote Sensing & GISjorsgActive
MultidisciplinaryResearch & Reviews : Journal of Space Science & TechnologyrrjosstActive
MultidisciplinaryJournal of Water Pollution & Purification ResearchjowpprActive
MultidisciplinaryOmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary JournalosmjActive
MultidisciplinaryInternational Journal on DronesijdActive
MultidisciplinaryInternational Journal of LandijlActive
MultidisciplinaryInternational Journal of UniverseIJUActive
MultidisciplinaryInternational Journal of SustainabilityIJSUActive
NanotechnologyNano Trends-A Journal of Nano Technology & Its ApplicationsntsActive
NanotechnologyJournal of Nanoscience, NanoEngineering & ApplicationsjonsneaActive
NanotechnologyInternational Journal of Applied NanotechnologyijanActive
NanotechnologyInternational Journal of Nanomaterials and NanostructuresijnnActive
NanotechnologyInternational Journals of NanobiotechnologyijnbActive
NanotechnologyInternational Journal of Composite and Constituent MaterialsijccmActive
NursingInternational Journal of Immunological NursingijinActive
NursingJournal of Nursing Science & PracticejonspActive
NursingInternational Journal of Cardiovascular NursingijcnActive
NursingInternational Journal of Neurological NursingijnenActive
NursingInternational Journal of Orthopedic NursingijornpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Oncological NursingijonnpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Obstetrics, Perinatal and Neonatal NursingijopnnActive
NursingInternational Journal of Pediatric NursingijpnActive
NursingInternational Journal of Emergency and Trauma NursingijetnpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Nursing Critical CareijnccActive
NursingInternational Journal of Nursing Science Practice and ResearchijnsprActive
NursingInternational Journal of Community Health Nursing And PracticesijchnpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Geriatric NursingijgnActive
NursingInternational Journal of Women’s Health Nursing And PracticesijwhnpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Medical Surgical NursingijmsnActive
NursingInternational Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing And PracticesijebnpActive
NursingInternational Journal of Midwifery Nursing And PracticesijmnpActive
PharmacyResearch and Reviews: A Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencerrjopsActive
PharmacyResearch & Reviews: A Journal of PharmacologyrrjopActive
PharmacyResearch & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and ProductionrrjodfdpActive
PharmacyResearch & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Design & DiscoveryrrjodddActive
PharmacyTrends in Drug DeliverytddActive
PhysicsInternational Journal of Solid State MaterialsijssmActive
PhysicsInternational Journal of Optical sciencesijosActive
PhysicsResearch & Reviews : Journal of PhysicsrrjophyActive
PhysicsInternational Journal of Solid State Innovations & ResearchIJSSIRActive
PhysicsInternational Journal of Optical Innovations & ResearchIJOIRActive